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134 (Schizophrenic, Manic Depressive and Other) 

Fabric Sculptures 



As you can see there are three pieces, each with their own colour; these colours corresponds to what was best like to patience preference in colour. Green was best liked by Schizophrenics, Yellow and Orange by Manic Depressives and Violet by others (I'm not sure what categorises other).

My main question with Siegfried E Katz and Dr Cheney Katz study Colour Preference in the Insane research is how knowing what colour the 'insane' likes, is going to help of the treatment of the illnesses. It almost sugar-coat the serious of these illnesses. Instead of question how we could help, we question what colour does the mad man like?

This is why these paintings are present in a similar way to how a stag head would be presented. Instead of showcasing the win of the hunt, it's show casing we know the mind of a mentally ill person. (Something I found they done within Art Brut)

This piece also suggest that in society a person with a mental illness, is the illness and not a person, they become engulf by the illness.  In personal experiences of speaking to people with mental illness they are worried that if they let people know that they have an illness, people we change the way they act around them. It seems to be society don't treat people as human, they treat them as the illness.

These and Conflict of the mind is a huge development to my work, I can use the shape to the figure but cover it in different fabric, colours and symbols to help create a narrtive. 

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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