No Matter How Hard I Work 
175 x 130 cm 
Embroidered Martial Art Belt & Martial Art Belt 
Five Size 8 Thongs 
Embroidered Thongs
What Type of Mother Could I be? 
125 x 88 x 66 cm 
Cot with emboidered silk dolls 

Notch (Close Ups) 
What Type of Mother Could I be? (Close Ups)
Empty Promises 
120 x 150 x 60 cm
Bespoke Plints, Carpeted Bottles and Engraved Glass 
Empty Promises (Close Up)
The Bearer
Embroidered Silk and Found Object 
The Manifestion of Attraction (The ID and Superego)
Body Cast & Crushed Velvet 
U Startin Mate?
Embodied Trackie Bottom  
Mummy why does bad things happen?
Faux Leather Bear