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Conflict of the Human mind .png

'Conflict of the Human Mind'

Fabric Sculpture



This piece was made for the exhibit Conflict. The brief was to make a piece of work inspired by Conflict and size limit of 12" x 12".  Inspired by the Siegfried E Katz and Dr Cheney Katz study Colour Preference in the Insane. Publish in 1931 in the Journal of Applied Psychology both Katz's research the colour preference of 134 patients with mental health. To make matters simple they stuck to six colours Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Violet, from this the patients picked their favourite colours and organized them from best liked to least liked. Some completed this with ease whilst others became impatience and picked Three.I used four out of the six colours in that was used in the research, as these colours where best liked. (Explain in details in the works '134') 

The Conflict within this piece is the conflict of the mind. The mind is something that we are still trying to understand. By using the colours the represent mental illness (explained later), by mixing them all together gives a confused idea, unable to give a clear message of the mind. Many mental illness are similar to each other, (for example hearing voices, can be symptoms of schizophrenia, dementia and bipolar disorder)  this creates a conflict when trying to diagnose an illness, as we can't get a clear image. 

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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