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The Decent of Man 


Resin, Religious icon, Pill and Mircochips 

As Humans have grown throughout the years, so have their believes. Humans all look to a believe system, something to follow but that can be done without really thinking of the reproductions. 

Starting with religion, there are all shapes and sizes to fit every need to anyone looking to follow. But with this there is restriction, war and suffering and with this do humans truly question the bad of it all. 

As we move on the ages medicine become the new cult to follow. While many give humans the health to give evolving there are times the drugs are taken blindly without fully knowing the size effects. 

Lastly mircochips, we are now in a age where tech is taking over and will humans fully be able to keep control of it. Is it truly good for us? Or like before will it change us forever?

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