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'Disheartening Hope'


Gold leaf and burnt wood

In Western culture, Christianity is a religion that is widely taught and believed. What I was taught was to have hope in a higher power and he will follow you on your journey through life. Yet, what if there is time where following this higher power makes you suppress yourself as it isn’t God’s will. When children had faith with ‘men of God’ to only be stripped of their innocents.  When you take his hand in guidance, follow his path and your world becomes this dark hellish place. The hope you once had becomes disheartening, blacken, lost.  

Personal Note: I grew up in a Baptist (a form of Christianity) household and throughout my life I questioned why did bad things happen to good people if they followed the word of God? Throughout my life things happened to me that pushed me to my breaking point. Christianity was no longer my saviour; it was suffocating me taking me to a place that I thought I could only feel if I was in hell.  This is what inspired the work. Shortly after this I lost my faith and to be honest, I’m not sure what I believe, but I don’t believe a man in the sky hold my future in his hands. 


© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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