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'What type of mother could I be?'


Silk covered Dolls 

These dolls reflect the social stigma and personal questions one gets when having an abortion. The title of the work drawing from the moral disagreement that a mother might have within themselves even if they feel that they are doing the best thing for the child and their own health. In a global society that fights on policy over women’s health, and being left to feel guilty by multiple points of view, should they be if they were doing the best for the potential life of their child?  

The white silk is to show the purity of the child/ the ghostly essence that these children will never live. Mixed with the short statements to hint that these mothers done what they thought was best to suit for that moment.  

This work isn’t trying to be pro-life or pro-choice, it’s to show the complications a mother can face when given the news of being pregnant and that this choice isn’t as simple as people may think. Each case has its own story, one rule doesn't fit for all.  

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