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'No matter how hard I work'

Embodied Black Belt 


Being a Black Belt in Karate is great achievements to anyone showing hard work and discipline of this sport.  With this in mind, the audacity of a male saying to me that “You’ll still never be as good as a Bloke” tries to undermines my own accomplishment. This micro aggression is still apparent in current sport with women, as shown the media with Serena Williams and Tayla Harris. As the actions these women done have been questioned and sexualise, unlike the 100’s of men doing the same thing in sport. Whilst women are not as suppressed as women used to be, I worry that no matter how hard women work they will never be taken as seriously as their male counterparts within sport.   

Juxtaposing the stereotypical of the ‘Male’ martial arts belt with the ‘Female’ embroidery we question the idea of what is Masculine and Feminine and can both of these sits in harmony.  

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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