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Only Time Can Tell .jpg

'Only time will tell'

Pillar Wax


When given the brief of 'Who Will Provide?' for the crypt gallery. I question it. Why should I question who will provide, why should I rely on others? When in turn the only person that I truly know who can provide is myself; in question what do I provide? I also had to work with a changeling space, The Crypt Gallery; yet this help me to confirm what material I was going to use, Pillar Wax. A candle is symbolic in many ways, but when it comes to the church it represents the light of God/Jesus Christ, also a symbol of worship. Yet it also show the decay of time, something that peak my interest. With these interpretations, I hoped to create a life size wax sculpture of myself, To question what will I provide in my lifetime, do I have to time to do so and what impact will I leave behind?

This show a broken self, the sculpture that was going to be strong and stable, now balanced precariously, trying not to break into more pieces. I no longer question what I can provide, but what can a fragmented person provide? We all know life isn't perfect, and at time it does seem to break us making us address this idea of mortality sooner than God plan. 

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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