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'Oppress to Impress'



Purple is often associated with royalty and hierarchy, due to it being expensive to make, so only royalty would wear it. It also relates back to the story in the bible when the soldiers dressed Jesus in purple and beat him, mocking his hierarchal figure as the son of god. With this in mind the overwhelming purple oozes this idea of hierarchy, yet it seems to engulf the figure, suffocating it.  Making me wonder how we fixate our self to a certain identity, that we no longer allow us to have our own freedom. An example, one that fits to this piece is religion, and I will use Christianity. I will be broad in this statement, however there are many Christians that are against gay love. (Fortunately we have seen big steps in this changing in the last few years) But if you grew up in a house hold that was Christian and you knew that their opinion on being gay was wrong, and you knew you was gay would you tell them or oppress that true feeling, to please the others that surround you? We may be all guilty of doing this, we oppress a feeling to so we are not made the black sheep of the group. But why is that the people opinions become hierarchal to our own? 

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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