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Embroidered Underwear

This work was made for the Correspondence Collective at Clayhill arts responding to the theme Restriction and the works are presented in sets of old letter press drawers, ranging in sizes from 3x3 cm to 6 x 13.5 cm.

 Restriction has been a big part of our lives during the Covid pandemic, however some more than others. During this time, people have been restricted to the four walls of what people should call home, yet others call this their personal hell. We know that domestic violence has risen during these times and it’s something that still needs to be spoken about and not hidden.
The underwear is an intimate item of clothing, this is an imitation of a relationship. A relationship is a bond between two people, to the public these people can show the more desirable part of their relationship. Yet there is always this secret part, that isn’t shown and this could be the alarming part. By having the underwear folded in a ‘drawer’ gives the idea of hiding this problem away and how people ignore/not aware of the problem.


Images taken from Clayhill Arts Video

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