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'Send Nudes'


Digital Image on Floppy disk 

We are in the age where we can get nudes at simple send off an aubergine emoji. No more going into the shop and grabbing from the top shelf or sneaking on the family computer. We can have it on demand now, you can even pull up a cheeky image on your phone on the bus, if you so wished. Even look into the celebrity world and start to question if Kim Kardashian could wear any less? The nude body has even become a dating show, gazing upon someone's before looking into their eyes.

But should it be so easy to get? With the porn world losing money, young children having easy access and cultural stereotypes being more in force about how we should look, has it become too free and easy?

With all of this in mind the 'Send Nudes' artwork is a collection of floppy disks, each with a nude image of myself recreating famous artwork. Throughout the ages artists have pushed the boundaries of nudity and because of this, it has pushed cultural conventions.But are they to be praised or condemned for this free thinking?

These floppy disks are a clash in today's age. Where you can get an image so easy, these disks have now put a challenge in place for the viewer to see.

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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