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Silk and St Christopher 


When we think of wrapped, we might think of being wrapped up in a blanket, covered and safe. We all have a metaphoric comfort blanket that we attach ourselves to; for some its the way we dress, others may use religion, others can't escape a blanket that is ingrained in them, like family culture. Yet do these comfort blankets help us or do they suffocate us?  

The piece 'Smother' shows a very simple but personal point of this discussion. Dangling is my own necklace, a Saint Christopher; a gift given to me from my father on my 9th birthday. A Saint Christopher is a symbol for the saint of travel, wearing one is lead to believe to keep you safe on your travels; and is linked to Christianity. Yet I'm not a Christian, even though I grew up in a Batispist household. But since I've received this gift I cannot take it off, and become fearful when I do. This superstitious behaver has given me anxiety, a simple bit of metal as a loving gift has become oppressive object for my safety.

Within this work, I realised that I can use my own personal items and symbols to create a narrative. 

© Copyright of Cherish Marshall
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